Who we are atOpen Dealer Exchange

We are a technology hub focused on transforming the Automotive Finance & Insurance workflow. Based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, Open Dealer Exchange was founded in 2009 by the two premier Dealer Management System providers, CDK Global and Reynolds & Reynolds.  This joint venture has allowed dealerships from coast to coast to integrate seamlessly with our nationwide network of auto lenders, aftermarket providers and credit bureaus to streamline the lease and financing process for car buyers.

Bridging Automotive F&I from Paper to Digital.

We are committed to automating the entire car buying experience for Dealers and Lenders. This allows both to focus on what’s important… their customers!

Through industry leading technologies, we have created The Digital Deal®, which allows dealers to eSign and send fully validated contracts and lease agreements directly from a Dealer’s DMS to a Lender’s LOS. 

This gives dealerships and their customers a faster buying, borrowing, and service experience, and allows lenders to fund faster.

Our Core Values

We hold our core values dear, and work hard to embody these values in all we do.  With several employee-driven committees that promote these values from within, our commitment is clear: we want our employees to feel safe, heard, and valued. We push for diversity and acceptance through our DE&I committee.  We organize ways for employees to give back to the community throughout the year with our ODEGetsACTIVe committee.  And euchre tournaments, catered lunches, and other fun company-wide activities are planned by our ODE Life committee.

Our values are well established, and the meaning of those values is very clear to all. While many people might have different views and expectations on how each value should be lived, we go the extra mile to ensure that our people have clarity on what these values mean. We work hard to distinguish passive consent from active acceptance of our values.  We help our people truly understand what the values mean and how they apply to everyday workplace activities.

As part of our culture’s constant evolution, we work to perfect things through employee surveys, gap analyses, onboarding surveys, and efforts to gather full company input as part of the continuous feedback loop. Our open-door policy encourages constant communication and keeps the ideas flowing.


We hold ourselves responsible for our words, our actions, and our results. ​


We always put our customers first, and ensure our decisions are in their best interest.


We achieve more when we collaborate and work together than alone.


We build trust through responsible actions and honesty.


We believe in looking forward, and fearlessly acting on a future we believe in.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our DE&I Committee is dedicated to hosting educational sessions and speakers, honoring commemorative holidays and months, and bringing policy change to ensure ODE is a more inclusive place to work.

Corporate Giving

ODEGetsACTIV, our corporate giving committee, has prioritized our charitable funding and volunteerism in the office.

ODE Life

ODE Life is our committee dedicated to bringing everyone in the office together for social activities and good times. From game nights to Cornhole tournaments, and holiday activities like pumpkin carving and Friendsgiving, there is no shortage of fun thanks to our employee wellness committee!

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