It's amazing how the most advanced breakthroughs often evolve from simple logic and reason. Provider Exchange Network (PEN) is a perfect example. Utilizing our patent-pending technology, we integrate F&I providers directly to the DMS and allow the entire process to take place within — giving you the ability to send real-time, accurate ratings electronically. But that's only part of the picture. Document preparation and contract booking functions happen "on the inside" as well. And PEN interacts with the majority of dealer systems — including menus — which means your products are in whatever system the dealer chooses to use. Simple yet brilliant. That's PEN.

What is Provider Exchange Network (PEN)?

Provider Exchange Network (PEN) is an F&I product provider interface which enables any participating dealer point-of-sale system to electronically transmit rates and contract information directly to the provider. PEN connects the provider to multiple dealer systems, whether it is a menu, portal, or directly to the dealer management system (DMS). Through PEN, the provider gains greater exposure to more vehicle purchases, which ultimately allows more products to be sold. PEN's digital pipeline reduces costs through rapid, accurate and secure transactions in a paperless process that is easy for both providers and dealers.

How does PEN work?

PEN is a managed digital pipeline between the provider and the dealership. During the F&I process, PEN allows any dealer system or menu to request rates and forms directly from the provider. This supports a potentially paperless contracting process for the provider including instant and accurate electronic ratings, electronic contract origination, forms preparation, digital signatures, electronic deal jackets, digital remittance and forms archival. PEN allows the provider to stay focused on their core business by increasing dealer exposure, contracting efficiency and reducing administration and risk.

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