There are several components to the digital deal. While the Digital Deal is the sum of all of the parts, components can be used individually or combined in custom configurations. They are described in the sequence they are used in the process.

Features: What It Is Benefits: What You Get
Aftermarket Product Validation Error-Free Aftermarket Contracts
Contract Data Validation Error-Free Funding Packets
Required Form Verification No Missing Forms
eSigned Forms Indexed Forms & No Missing Signatures
eVault One Authoratative Contract
eDocs Electronic Funding Packet

Aftermarket Product Validation: F&I product pricing is obtained automatically and selected by menu clicks, ensuring the right price with the right product. Eliminates errors involving Aftermarket Products and Financing: verifies providers; verifies products match the vehicle; verifies product pricing meets program guidelines.

Contract Data Validation: Eliminates virtually all errors on the Funding Packet documents (including the RIC and LA) and ensures the deal meets lender criteria. Exceptions are addressed and resolved before submittal. One dealer reports reducing errors from 27% to 7% virtually overnight. Also ensures compliance and supporting documentation is included.

Required Form Verification: Complete forms library of every conceivable form, with the correct forms used, signed and verified. No more missing forms in the deal.

eSigned Forms: The most visible component to purchasers. ALL forms are signed on a table or signature device. Forms are indexed and there are no missing signatures. Customer satisfaction is improved, particularly millenials.

eVault: UCC-compliant storage of the loan agreement (chattel paper) with secure transfer, storage, printing and paper-out capability that ensures one authoritative version of the agreement.

eDocs: The entire funding packet is sent directly from the dealer to the lender. Complete and error-free deals are received. Eliminates imaging and data entry. Eliminates held offerings and contracts-in-transit.

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