• Build the Deal: It all starts in the DMS. You pull all the relevant info together into the DMS, including customer and vehicle information.
  • Credit Application: You stay in the DMS to fill out the credit app. You only fill out customer info once. It pays dividends down the road if you need to adjust any terms of the deal before submitting. (Optional — the Digital Deal works with existing credit app solutions.)
  • Product Ratings & Contracting: F&I product pricing is obtained automatically and selected by menu clicks, ensuring the right price with the right product.
  • Contract Validation: Pre-submit the deal to ensure it meets lender program guidelines. It's like checking test answers before turning in the test. Identify any needed disclosures or customer documentation before you submit the loan. Validated deals are approved faster, often automatically, and even while the customer is in the store.
  • eForms: Our electronic forms are unequaled. If there's a form you need, we have it. This enables you to fully and completely go digital.
  • eSignatures: The customer signs the contracts on a tablet or signature pad. No need to print and shuffle paper! It's faster, easier and looks pretty darn impressive, too. Millennials are more comfortable signing digitally than signing paper. It conveys the image that your dealership is fast, efficient and up-to-date with technology.
  • Data Submission: You’re used to sending email and browsing the web. Now submitting a deal package is just as easy. No faxing, no overnight mail, no paper contracts to keep organized. Some dealers have complained they miss shuffling the manila folders with all of the contracts and documents and disclosures inside, and miss the stack of deals on their desk. It seems they just don’t know what to do with all of that extra space.
  • eVault: Document storage is important. Instead of storing paper, the deal package is stored electronically. It takes up a lot less space, has all the expected safeguards and it's a whole lot easier to retrieve information from a hard drive than digging through a warehouse for one contract. You can access the data whenever needed and you can print paper contracts (gasp!) if you need them. You can even convert from digital to a paper master (double gasp!!) if needed.
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