The Digital Deal Advantages
  • Correct disclosures on every deal
  • Increase customer satisfaction with fast loan processing and approvals
  • Increase your gross—no more mis-priced F&I contracts
  • Eliminate held offerings, contracts-in-transit and re-contracting
  • Immediate contract submittal—eliminate sending contracts overnight
Benefits to the Dealer
  • First submittals approved a high percentage of the time
  • Deals are complete and correct when submitted
  • Less time spent chasing down deal problems
  • Customers spend less time waiting
  • F&I contract terms and price match the vehicle
  • F&I Managers spend their time closing deals, not fixing problems
The Digital Deal for Dealers

We know it's about the bottom line. If this didn’t improve your margins, help increase sales and make your dealership more efficient, you would not be interested. But it does.

The Digital Deal provides the most benefit when the entire process is implemented from start to finish. The functions you need are already in the DMS for CDK Global™, LLC and Reynolds & Reynolds. (You may need to upgrade to the latest version to take full advantage of The Digital Deal.) The leading lenders are adopting The Digital Deal—check our list to see which features your preferred lenders are currently supporting.

To take advantage of The Digital Deal, check to see which lenders to use and also view the tutorials that show you how to use the functionality that is already built into your DMS.

To understand the steps of The Digital Deal, click the button below: